Metcalfe 350mm Blade Heavy Duty Automatic Gravity Slicer NS350AG

£3,923.00 exc VAT £4,707.60 inc VAT
Metcalfe 350mm Blade Heavy Duty Automatic Gravity Slicer NS350AG


Automatic slicer designed to cut large quantities of food. Suited to large restaurants, supermarkets, delis, butchers and central production kitchens/canteens, where high volume slicing of a variety of meat types is required and precise control of the automatic slicing feature is necessary.

  • Extra heavy duty, gear driven machine
  • Designed to effortlessly handle heavy loads like bacon and large pieces of meat that might cause slipping and/or blade stoppage on a belt driven machine
  • Two independent motors (one for blade and one for carriage movement)
  • Can be used as a fully automatic slicer or switched to manual
  • Simple, intuitive touch control panels allow for the selection of multiple slicing options
  • Optional slice counter available
  • Hollow ground chromed carbon steel blade
  • Easy set thickness control allows for precision slicing
  • Carriage slides on ball bearings for smooth carriage glide
  • Made from high polished, anodised food grade aluminium for durability and hygiene
  • Large base to ensure slicer has a large capacity to cope with large products
  • Ergonomic design with smooth rounded edges to allow for fast and easy cleaning and improved levels of hygiene
  • Fully interlocked and safe guarded for full compliance of CE legislation. This ensures all-round blade protection for ultimate user safety during cleaning
  • Built-in, self-aligning sharpening and de-burring unit
  • Table/carriage, blade cover, blade and sharpening unit are detachable for easy, safe cleaning
  • Transparent slicing guard to ensure ultimate user safety whilst slicing
  • Blade size 350mm
  • Cutting capacity Ø250 or 210 x 290 mm
  • Max slice thickness 22mm
  • Weight 67kg
  • Power 570kw
  • 2 years back to base warranty



Additional Accessories
Stainless steel hand grip £147.00
Stainless steel knife remover £86.00
Teflon Coated Parts £360.00
Product hold bar for gravity plate £87.00
Plastic cover £35.00
Slice counter £225.00
Stainless steel guard £50.00
£3,923.00 exc VAT £4,707.60 inc VAT