Metcalfe 350mm Blade Automatic Gravity Slicer NS350A

£3,529.00 exc VAT £4,234.80 inc VAT
Metcalfe 350mm Blade Automatic Gravity Slicer NS350A


Automatic slicer designed to cut large quantities of food. Suited to large restaurants, supermarkets, delis, butchers and central production kitchens/canteens, where high volume slicing of a variety of meat types is required and precise control of the automatic slicing feature is necessary.

  • Two independent motors (one for blade and one for carriage movement)
  • Can be used as a fully automatic slicer or switched to manual
  • Simple, intuitive touch control panels allow for the selection of multiple slicing options
  • Optional slice counter available
  • Hollow ground chromed carbon steel blade
  • Easy set thickness control allows for precision slicing
  • Carriage slides on ball bearings for smooth carriage glide
  • Made from high polished, anodised food grade aluminium for durability and hygiene
  • Large base to ensure slicer has a large capacity to cope with large products
  • Ergonomic design with smooth rounded edges to allow for fast and easy cleaning and improved levels of hygiene
  • Fully interlocked and safe guarded for full compliance of CE legislation. This ensures all-round blade protection for ultimate user safety during cleaning
  • Built-in, self-aligning sharpening and de-burring unit
  • Table/carriage, blade cover, blade and sharpening unit are detachable for easy, safe cleaning
  • Transparent slicing guard to ensure ultimate user safety whilst slicing
  • Blade size 350mm
  • Cutting capacity Ø250 or 210 x 290 mm
  • Max slice thickness 22mm
  • Weight 67kg
  • Power 570kw
  • 2 years back to base warranty



Additional Accessories
Stainless steel hand grip £147.00
Stainless steel knife remover £86.00
Teflon Coated Parts £360.00
Product hold bar for gravity plate £87.00
Plastic cover £35.00
Slice counter £225.00
Stainless steel guard £50.00
£3,529.00 exc VAT £4,234.80 inc VAT