Henny Penny Gas Pressure Fryer PFG 600

£7,600.00 exc VAT £9,120.00 inc VAT
Henny Penny Gas Pressure Fryer PFG 600


Henny Penny pressure fryers have been making delicious fried chicken since 1957. Frying under pressure enables lower cooking temperatures and reduces absorption of oil into product making a product with less fat and more flavour. 

Features include built in filtration, high efficiency burners and fully automatic programmable operation. 

Price includes delivery and FREE OF CHARGE installation to suitable services within one metre (for gas appliances a working canopy and gas interlock will need to be in place.)

  • High efficiency gas burner system
  • Computron™ 8000 control
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Energy saving, filtration and cook management features
  • 12 Programmable cook cycles
  • Built in filtration
  • Narrow five square foot footprint
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Heavy duty stainless steel rectangular fry pot
  • Cast aluminium alloy light but strong lid
  • 4 Heavy duty castors
  • Product capacity 6.4kg
  • Oil capacity 22.4 Litres
  • Model: HP8000GSSI
  • Dimensions W486 x D968 x H1219mm
  • 2 Years parts and labour warranty

*All gas appliances must be installed by a Gas Safe qualified engineer.

Henny Penny Pressure Fryer PFG 600




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£7,600.00 exc VAT £9,120.00 inc VAT