Petrol Recovery

Specialist Refrigeration

We have been asked over the years to make specialist refrigeration units covering a wide range of applications such as coffin coolers, maggot fridges, blood fridges and a unit to preserve a 3,000 year old peat bog body. Our current project is a little less gruesome and very eco friendly.

Using our expertise in refrigeration we were asked to design a unit that would recover the petrol vapour from the air that is displaced from the underground tank when it is being filled by a road tanker. This vapour would normally be vented to atmosphere but we have found that we can recover approximately 50 litres of petrol per tanker delivery. This is achieved by quickly cooling the vapour to below minus 40 degrees c and condensing it back into liquid, this is then returned to the underground tank.

We have units going to China, India and several of the major supermarkets throughout England. Very cost effective and very kind to the environment.