Hopkins Frying Range Team Walk the Walk


An email recently received from a customer.


Dear Sirs,

Just wanted to drop you a line to express my thanks for your very prompt and comprehensive quotation in relation to our proposed project.

Regardless of whether or not we eventually purchase from your company, I must say that your initial approach and handling of our enquiry was by far much superior to your competitors!

Furthermore, to date you have been the only company to provide us with a full detailed and comprehensive turnkey quotation in strict accordance as per our initial request. Which was very important to a newcomer to the trade like ourselves.

You took the time and went to the trouble of taking precise measurements and thereafter, furnished us with a detailed plan and shop layout which is exactly what we requested. One of your competitors said they didn't produce plans despite describing themselves as a "design consultant" on his business card!! I found this highly farcical!! lol.  

Keep up the excellent sales work!! We have obviously began to exchange views and ideas with existing operators and have and will continue to sing your praise to everyone we come into contact with.

I thought I'd take time to drop you a line as very often many companies can talk the talk, so to speak, but fail miserably when it comes to walking the walk! I'm pleased to say that I've found that our initial dealings with your company to be impressive and promising, and that alone stands you in a favourable position to secure our business.


Hopkins Team

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