Customer Praises Build Quality and Service

Just like to thank Matt Hopkins and his team for building the ultimate range, the after service is second to none after experiencing another other dutch manufactures appalling quality of a new 4 pan range in 2008 we met Hopkins at Farnborough show in 2009 and commissioned them to build a six pan range with built in griddles, two ESP 's and 2x ON100 odour neutralisers. The range performs like a fish frying range should with recovery times as fast a old P&T but with efficiency of the so called market bleeders. Thanks again, nice to see a British engineering company leading the way.
Lakeside Fish and Chip Restaurant - Tue Jan 11th 2011
Further to my last post on the after service, thanks for a 500 mile round trip Hopkins service dept to replace a barring in the extract system. Called at 4pm and the engineer was waiting for me at 9.30 am next day. KFE would not send an engineer for a week even with their £1500.00 service contract... Beware!!! Our Hopkins range at Lakeside is performing well frying at temperatures of 190C + that temp voided my 5 year pan warranty on our Keremko in 2008 so like I said beware of there sales pitch. Soooooo glad we bought the right range.
Lakeside Fish and Chip Restaurant - Tue March 15th 2011
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