Available to Pre Order New Classeq Dishwashers

Classeq have launched a brand new range of pass through dishwashers to the market. Pre order your new dishwasher now and get first pick of the machines which will be available in February.

The new Classeq pass through dishwashers benefit from a liquid crystal colour coded display and simple two button controls. Easy to use they are designed to provide consistently clean results wash after wash. The customer experience is at the heart of everything that Classeq do and their well-engineered, durable and reliable dishwashers are essential for any busy kitchen.

Running costs are kept to a minimum with a 39 litre wash tank and features such as continuous hood clean and removable wash arms ensure that they are easy to clean. The LCD display shows rinse and tank temperatures with selected cycle programme, plus all machines are fully water board compliant. 



Choose Your Classeq P500A

1. Select your usage needs. Everyday use, Intermediate use or Intensive

2. Choose a machine type. Standard 3 Phase or Single Phase

3. Add additional components. Chemical pumps and / or integral water softener.


For Every Day Use    
3 Phase 6.68kW    
  P500A12 With Type A air gap
  P500AWS12 With integral water softener
  P500AD12 With added chemical and rinse aid pumps
  P500AWSD12 With chemical pumps and integral water softener
Single Phase 6.68kW    
  P500A30 With Type A air gap
  P500AWS30 With integral water softener
  P500AD30 With added chemical and rinse aid pumps
  P500AWSD30 With chemical pumps and integral water softener
For Intermediate Use    
3 Phase 9.32kW    
  P500A16 With Type A air gap
  P500AWS16 With integral water softener
  P500AD16 With added chemical pumps
  P500AWSD16 With chemical pumps and integral water softener
For Intensive Use    
3 Phase 12.68kW    
  P500A22 With Type A air gap
  P500AWS22 With integral water softener
  P500AD22 With added chemical pumps  
  P500AWSD22 With chemical pumps and integral water softener




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